HHF President Attends CARE Conference 2008
The President of Healing Hands Foundation(HHF) Yinka Taiwo MD, attended the CARE National Conference in Washington DC, from June 18th-20th 2008, to take the CARE message to Capitol Hill. She went with other advocates from Minnesota, to raise their voices on behalf of the poor people of the world, with the Minnesota elected Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen. The goal was to influence policy changes in the US, to end global poverty.

CARE message discussed with elected representatives included:
  1. Global Climate Changes: requesting that the Government of USA, limits greenhouse gas emissions and provide “Adaptation Funding”, to help poor Countries cope with their climate changes.
  2. Supporting the International Violence Against Women Act, to end violence against girls and women in poor countries, by improving access to health access, legal access and economic opportunities for affected women.
  3. Supporting the Appropriations bill, to provide funding, for emergency food programs in several poor Countries, due to increases in food prices. Requested for support for a Government grant, to support a trial of regional food purchase program in these Countries.

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