HHF President Attends CARE Conference 2009
HHF President – Yinka Taiwo MD, attended the CARE National Conference and Celebration, in Washington D.C. from May 5th-7th 2009. The conference was attended by 450 citizen advocates, from all the over the US. The main objective was to be a united voice on behalf of the poor people of this world, to their elected Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen in Capitol Hill. CARE talking points presented to the legislators included:

  1. Protecting and empowering girls by preventing child marriage in developing countries. Today, 60 million girls 17yrs and younger in developing countries are married. Allowing this practice to continue has detrimental effects on the health of these girls, health of their babies and it perpetuates poverty, due to decreased educational opportunities for the girls. Members of congress visited were asked to consider voting in favor of the: International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act.
  2. Fighting global hunger and modernizing our approach to food security. The members of congress were asked to support the legislation that will address these issues, such as the "Global Food Security Act" and "The Roadmap To End Global Hunger".
  3. Tackling climate change, by asking the members of congress to support the bills to reduce environmental emissions and set aside funding for International adaptation of developing Countries, most affected by the effect of global warming and climate change.

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